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Frequently Asked Questions

Are upsell credits taken into account on the paid plans?

Yes. Your upsell credits are valid on both the free and the paid plans. When a paid plan is selected, your upsell credits will have to be exhausted before any commission charges occur.
Example: You have $1,000 Upsell Credits and you are subscribed to a paid plan. If you generate $1,500 in upsell revenue, only $500 of it will have a commission applied.

Do you charge a percentage of my total store revenue?

No. We only charge a percentage of the upsell revenue that Vanga generates for you (after upsell credits).

What happens if I run out of upsell credits?

On free plan: Vanga will pause any upsells until you upgrade to a paid plan or you earn more upsell credits.
On paid plan: Vanga will charge you a commission on any additional upsell revenue that you generate.

The app seems expensive. How do you justify your pricing?

We’re aware there are other apps that may appear cheaper at first, but keep in mind Vanga will only make money when you make money. The app will always have a 20X+ ROI on your store.