Increase AOV with automatic upsells

Say goodbye to low revenue. Make customers spend more on each order with automatic post-purchase & Thank-You page upsells.

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Earn first $1,000 for free. No credit card. No setup.
automate revenue growth

Drive more profit from paying customers

Automate post-purchase upsells
Increase AOV with automatic one-click upsells shoppers add to existing orders.

Grow AOV with data & AI
Let customer behavior define the right upsell for each customer, not your hunch.

Not a second on setup
Save time to focus on growing your business, not building & optimizing upsell funnels.


Make orders bigger with AI & data

Automate A/B testing
Vanga finds the most relevant upsells by analyzing customer behavior.

Scale your business faster
Activate post-purchase & Thank You page upsells across all products, not just a few.

Boost ROAS
Make more from each order to scale ads, outbid competitors, and boost ROAS fast.


Maximize revenue with automatic and manual upsells

Set your winning upsells, automate the rest.

Auto & Manual
Post-Purchase Upsells
20+ Languages
Thank-You Page Upsells
Built-in A/B Testing
Credit Cards, ShopPay & PayPal
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I used Vanga to discover which product on my store was the best to be on post purchase upsell. The the app did a great job and generated us a lot of money.

Les Diamants de Paris

One of the best apps on Shopify in 2022! We increased our revenue by 10-20% each month by their automatic upsells. Also, the conversion rates are super high if you have a good upsell product.


We are changing the upsell game.

Vanga helps hundreds of merchants build a thriving online business. Join them now.

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Active Shopify Stores
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Automate upsells now


Feels like magic, but it's AI

Vanga automates your upsells as soon as it's installed. Display post-purchase and Thank You page upsells as soon as you enable the app.


The AI finds the most relevant upsells by scanning your order history.


Upsells start being displayed to each customer who completes an order.


Vanga automatically optimizes each upsell to drive the most revenue.